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PS 1093-C

Application for Post Office Caller Service (4/2011)

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Caller Service is a premium service available for a fee to any customer who:

Requires more than free carrier service.

Receives or plans to receive more mail than can be delivered to the largest available Post Office™ Box at the facility.

Plans to receive an incoming volume of mail that cannot fit into the largest available Post Office Box.

NOTE: Additional information about Post Office Caller Service is available at

Application for Caller Service

To apply for Caller Service, the applicant must complete the tear-off section on the next page and submit it to any Postal Service™ facility that provides window service. The facility does not need to be where the destination Caller Service is desired. An incomplete or falsified application is sufficient reason to deny or discontinue service. An application is not considered approved until the Postal Service verifies the applicant's identity.

Fee Notification

At least 20 days before the fee is due, we put a notice with the mail or hand the notice to the person retrieving the mail. If after turning in a temporary forwarding order a caller is out of town, we can mail the notice to the caller’s temporary address.
Basis of Fees and Payment

Caller Service Fee
Caller Service fees can be paid in advance for 6 months or 1 year. It is the caller’s responsibility to pay the fee on time. If the fee is paid by mail, we must receive the payment by the due date.
If a caller receives mail addressed to more than one caller number combined into one bulk delivery of mail (not separated to
each number), the Caller Service fee is charged only for the one main caller service number. Reserved caller number fees are
charged for all the remaining caller numbers to which mail is addressed.

When a Post Office Box service applicant is provided a single Caller Service separation because of a shortage of available
Post Office Boxes, the fee charged is the fee for the largest installed Post Office Box. In this instance, neither the Caller
Service fee nor the reserved caller number fee is charged.

If a caller uses a number to a physical Post Office Box to obtain a Caller Service, the applicable fees for both Post Office Box
service and Caller Service must be paid.

If a customer has Caller Service and wants to reserve a range of numbers for future use, those numbers will be charged at the reserved caller number fee.

The caller fee payment period is determined by the approval date of the application. The period begins on the first day of either the month the application is approved, or the following month if approved after the 15th of the month. After that, Caller

Service fees for renewal of service may be paid any time during the last 30 days of the service period, but no later than the last day of the service period.

Availability of this service may be restricted and number(s) are not issued immediately upon payment of the fee(s).
Reserve Caller Service fees are due at the date of application and every December 31st after that.
Payment Options

Fees may be paid using cash, credit or debit card, or check or money order payable to the postmaster. A mailed payment must be received by the postmaster on or before the due date. Do not send cash by mail.

Note: If a customer’s check is returned by the bank, we must suspend service until another form of payment is submitted. The customer may also incur a handling charge to cover our processing costs.

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