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PS 1093

Application for Post Office Box Service (1/2012)

Download and Print the PS 1093

Request may not be processed if the form is incomplete or illegible.

Many people have discovered that Post Office Box™ service is a safe, convenient way to receive their mail. Learn all about PO Box™ service on the first two pages of this form. Then, decide whether to apply online or at a Post Office™.


Across the U.S., Postal Service™ PO Boxes are available in five sizes.

However, not all Post Office locations have every size.

Be sure to select the right size for your mail volume and schedule.

Our smallest box (Size 1) fi ts 10–15 letter-sized envelopes or up to two rolled magazines. Start with a Size 2 box if you receive more than 15 mailpieces a week. Size 3, 4, or 5 is recommended if you receive magazines and catalogs.

Size 1: 3" X 5.5"   -   Size 4: 11" X 11"  -   Size 2: 5" X 5.5"   -   Size 3: 11" X 5.5"  -   Size 5: 22.5" X 12"

It’s easy to fi nd a box that’s right for you. Find an available PO Box by going to

If you need more room than our largest box provides, ask at your local Post Office about Business Mail Pickup (Caller) Service.


To find a PO Box in your area and get fee information, visit You may pay your initial PO Box fees online or at a Post Office.
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