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PS 1583-A

Application to Act as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (6/2011)

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In registering with the Postal Service to act as an agency to receive delivery of mail of others, the agent agrees to the following:

(1) the Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) must have on file a Form 1583, Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent, for each addressee or firm receiving mail at the agency;

(2) a CMRA must represent its delivery address as a private mailbox;

(3) the CMRA is not authorized to accept Registered Mail from their clients for mailing, the Post Office is the only acceptable mailing point;

(4) the CMRA must be in full compliance with Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 508.1.8.1 through 508.1.8.4 and other applicable postal requirements to receive delivery of mail
from the Postal Service; and

(5) when any information required on this form changes, the CMRA owner or manager
must file a revised application with the postmaster.

The CMRA owner or manager must execute this form in duplicate in the presence of the postmaster or designee. The CMRA owner or manager retains the signed duplicate copy and signs in this space
to signify receipt and understanding of applicable DMM regulations regarding delivery of mail to a CMRA by the Postal Service.

This application may be subject to verification procedures by the Postal Service to confirm that the
CMRA owner or manager resides at the permanent home address listed below, and that identification presented in box 10 is valid.

Failure to comply with DMM 508.1.8.1 through 508.1.8.4 and all other applicable Postal Service requirements may subject the agency to withholding of mail until corrective action is taken.

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