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PS 2591

Application for Employment (3/1999)

Download and Print the PS 2591

Request may not be processed if the form is incomplete or illegible.

The US Postal Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer
(Shaded Areas for Postal Service Use Only)

Rated Application

Rated For  -  Rating Date Rcvd.  -  Time Rcvd.

Signature & Date Verifier’s Signature, Title & Date

Type of Proof Submitted & Date Issued
Veteran preference has been verified through proof that the separation was under honorable conditions, and other proof as required. (See Section D below.)

Check One:
10 pts. CPS
10 pts. CP
10 pts. XP
5 pts. TP

A. General Information

1. Name (First, MI, Last)

2. Social Security No. (SSN)

3. Home Telephone

4. Mailing Address (No., Street, City, State, ZIP Code)

5. Date of Birth 6. Work Telephone

7. Place of Birth (City & State or City & Country)

And much more...