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PS 2591-C

Application for Former Casual (Non-Career) Employment Eligibility (8/1998)

Download and Print the PS 2591-C

Request may not be processed if the form is incomplete or illegible.

The U.S. Postal Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Please review the statements on the reverse of this form before completing this application.

Your answers to the questions below will be considered together with other information in your record in determining your present fitness for postal employment and are subject to investigation.

A false statement or dishonest answer to any question in this application may be grounds for not employing you or for dismissing you after you begin work, and may be punishable by fine or imprisonment (US Code, Title 18, Sec. 1001).


A. General Information

B. Casual (Non-Career) Job Information

1. Name (Last, First, MI)

2. Social Security No.

3. Date of Birth

4. Place of Birth (City/State OR City/Country)

5. Home Telephone No.

6. Work Telephone No.

7. Mailing Address (No., Street, City, State, ZIP + 4)

And much more...