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PS 3510

Application - Additional Entry, Reentry - Special Rate Request for Periodicals Pub (6/2006)

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Request may not be processed if the form is incomplete or illegible.


1. You must prepare mailings of the publication in accordance with Postal Service™ standards in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®). These standards are available at your local Post Office™ and on the Internet at®. The legal rate of postage must be paid on all mailings. Failure to pay this rate at the time of mailing does not relieve payment of any deficient postage at a later date.

2. Complete Part A and either Part B (if application is for reentry) or Part C (if application is for additional entry). Complete all applicable items.

Note: If change in frequency is requested, complete item 8a to show the exact new frequency of issuance.

3. Separate applications are required for reentry (including reentry at special rates) and additional entry. One application may be filed for multiple additional entry actions to be effective within a span of 30 calendar days.

4.Applications for special rates of postage must include evidence to establish the organization's eligibility, to demonstrate compliance with DMM 707.10 and to show that it meets one of the qualifying categories defined in DMM 707.10. No fee is charged if application is ONLY for special rates.

5.Your application must be accompanied by two copies of your publication showing the identification statement as revised to correspond to the change(s) requested in Part(s) B and/or C.

6. Complete Part D and submit this form and the applicable fee to the Post Office serving your known office of publication or new known office of

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