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PS 3553

CASS Summary Report (8/2011)

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Request may not be processed if the form is incomplete or illegible.

This form may be generated as the output of address matching processing using CASS Certified™ software in conjunction with current USPS® address database files. Any facsimile must contain the same information in the same format as the printed form.
See DMM® Section 708 for more information.

CASS™ Summary Report

A. Software
1. CASS Certified Company Name 2. CASS Certified Software Name & Version 3. Configuration

4. Z4Change Certified Company Name 5. Z4Change Certified Software Name & Version 6. Configuration

7. DirectDPV™ Certified Company Name 8. DirectDPV Certified Software Name & Version 9. Configuration

10. eLOT® Certified Company Name 11. eLOT Certified Software Name & Version 12. Configuration

And much more...