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PS 3600-FCM

Postage Statement - First-Class Mail (1/2012)

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Postage Statement—First-Class Mail and First-Class Package Service

Use this form for First-Class Mail and First-Class Package Service.
PS Form 3600-FCM1

This form and mailing standards available on Postal Explorer at

Permit Holder's Name and Address and Email Address, If Any Name and Address of Mailing Agent (If other than permit holder)   Telephone

Name and Address of Individual or Organization for Which Mailing is Prepared (If other than permit holder) Telephone

Post Office of Mailing

Type of Postage

Permit #

For Automation Price Pieces,

Enter Date of Address Matching and Coding Processing Category Letters Flats Parcels Federal Agency

Cost Code

Weight of a Single Piece

CAPS Cust. Ref. No.


And much more...