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PS 3606

Certificate of Bulk Mailing (8/2012)

Download and Print the PS 3606

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Prepare this statement in ink. Affix meter, PC PostageĀ®, or (uncanceled) postage stamps in payment of total fee due in the block to the right. Present to acceptance unit at the time of mailing.

This certificate does not provide evidence that a piece was mailed to a particular address.

Mailers must affix meter, PC Postage, or (uncanceled) postage stamps here in payment of total fee due.

Acceptance employee must cancel postage affixed (by round-date) at the time of mailing.

Fee for Certificate

Up to 1,000 pieces (1 certificate for total number)

For each additional 1,000 pieces, or fraction thereof

Duplicate Copy

Use Current Rate Chart

Number of Identical Weight Pieces

Class of Mail

Postage for Each Mailpiece Paid  - Verified

Number of Pieces to the Pound

And much more...