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PS 3624

Application to Mail at Nonprofit Standard Mail Prices (4/2012)

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Request may not be processed if the form is incomplete or illegible.

Application Number:

Section A - Application (Please read section B on page 2 before completion.)

All information entered below must be legible so that our records will show the correct information about your organization.

The complete name of the organization must be shown in item 1.

The name shown must agree with the name that appears on all documents submitted to support this application.

A complete address representing a physical location for the organization must be shown in item 2.

If you receive mail through a Post Officeâ„¢ box, show your street address first and use alternate address for the box.

The applicant named in item 7 must be the individual submitting the application for the organization and must be a responsible official of the organization. Printers and mailing agents may not sign for the organization.

No additional organization categories may be added in item 9.

To be eligible for the Nonprofit Standard Mail prices, the organization must qualify as one of the types listed.

The applicant must sign the application in item 15.

The application must be submitted to the Post Office in item 14 and on the date shown in item 17.

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