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PS 3658

Global Direct Mailbox Service Application (7/2002)

Download and Print the PS 3658

Request may not be processed if the form is incomplete or illegible.

See Publications 526, Global Direct Mexico Service Guide, and Publication 524, Global Direct – Canada Service Guide, before completion for terms, conditions, and design guidelines .

A. General

1. Mailer’s Name

2. Mailer’s Address (No., street., ste./apt/ no., city, state, ZIP + 4)

3. Contact Person

4a. Telephone No. (Include area code)

4b. Fax No. (Include area code)

5. Global Direct Customer ID No.

B. Return Address

Enter the mailing address where you would like your Global Direct Mailbox items returned: (No., street, apt./ste. no., city, state, ZIP + 4)

C. Agreement: I have read and understand the terms and conditions stated 703-292-

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