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PS 3682

Global Direct Notification of Mailing (7/2002)

Download and Print the PS 3682

Request may not be processed if the form is incomplete or illegible.

Before completion, see the International Mail Manual (IMM) and USPS publications on Global Direct Service for terms, conditions, and design guidelines.

A. General

1. Mailer’s Name

2. Mailer’s Address (No., street., ste. no., city, state, ZIP Code)

3. Contact Person

4a. Telephone No. (Include area code)

4b. Fax No. (Include area code)

5. Destination Country

6. Date Notified

7. Global Direct Customer ID No.

B. Mailing Information

1. Mailing Date

2.Estimated Total Mailing Weight

3.Container Quantity - Trays - Pallets

4. Acceptance Location

5.Return Address (See PS Form 3681 including Global Direct Customer
Identification Number.) Check the appropriate box:

And much more...