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PS 3700

Postage Statement - International Mail (1/2012)

Download and Print the PS 3700

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Use this form for all International Mailings. Only one part may be completed per mailing.
PS Form 3700-1, January 2012 (Page 1 of 19) PSN 7530-09-000-9940 This form and mailing standards are available on Postal Explorer at

Permit Holder's Name and Address and Email Address, If Any - Telephone

CAPS Cust. Ref. No. - CRID CRID

Name and Address of Mailing Agent (If other than permit holder) - Telephone - CRID

Name and Address of Individual or Organization for Which Mailing is Prepared
(If other than permit holder) - CRID

Post Office of Mailing

Type of Postage

Meter   -  Permit Imprint - Precanceled Stamps - Partial Permit Imprint

Total Pieces

Of total pcs., # of USPS-Supplied GXG Legal-Size Envs. (Part G Only)

Canada Admail Only - Category (Check One)

Standard - Large

And much more...