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PS 3801-A

Agreement by a Hotel, Apartment House, or the Like (7/1998)

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to Assume Responsibility for Registered Mail Delivered to an Authorized Representative of a Hotel, Apartment House, or the Like

In consideration of the US Postal Service making delivery to the undersigned of registered mail addressed (as the case may be) to guests or employees of hotels, occupants of apartment houses, or the like, when delivery has not been restricted by the sender or addressee, without a written order from the addressee and even thought the matter is not addressed in care of the institution, the undersigned agrees to:

1. Accept delivery;

2. Become financially responsible therefor to the US Postal
Service or to the owners of the mail involved as it or their interests
may appear;

3. Properly safeguard and dispose of any and all registered
mail which may be intrusted to it by the Postal Service for delivery to the addressees; and,

4. To keep for two years such record of the mail as will show date of receipt, registration number, name of post office, and state of origin, exact address borne by the article, condition of the article if other than good, manner of disposition, and date of disposal.

The undersigned further agrees to take receipts for all such mail from the addressees when delivered, or from the proper postal employee when returned by the undersigned for any reason prior or subsequent to delivery to the addressee.

Until otherwise advised, delivery of registered mail will be made to the following designated person or persons as authorized representatives of the undersigned:

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