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PS 5053

Bulk Proof of Delivery Application (6/2011)

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A. Program Information

Bulk proof of delivery provides mailers the opportunity to receive proof of delivery (delivery record) information in bulk.

Participation is limited to mailers who use a Mailer ID in their labels or in an electronic file.

Mailers previously registered with the Postal Service™may use their existing Mailer ID.

Customers not previously registered with the Postal Service will be assigned a Mailer ID.

Mailers must complete a certification process and/or authorization process to participate.

See Pub 80, Bulk Proof of Delivery Program, for general program details.

See Pub 91 Confirmation Services Technical Guide, for certification details.

The company/mail owner (not a third-party designee) must complete this form.

See Page 2 for instructions on completion. Please print or type when completing this form.

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