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PS 5543

No Fee Pickup Service Agreement (9/2010)

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No Fee Pickup Service Agreement

The Postal Serviceā„¢ has identified that the Business/Mailer below has sufficient mail volume on a weekly recurring basis (7 or more packages per pickup) above the minimum level, which precludes them from a pickup fee for either Pickup on Demand, Scheduled Pickup, on Demand or Collection Service.

A. Customer Information

1. Business Name:

2. Business Contact Name:

3. Business Contact Telephone: Cell Phone Number:

4. Business Contact Email Address:

5. Address where pickup is requested:

6. City/State/ZIP Code where pickup is requested:
No Fee Pickup Service Agreement

7. Mailer ID: Customer ID:

8. Product (Check appropriate items): Express Mail Priority Mail International Returns Other

9. Estimated Volume per Pickup: 10. Estimated Monthly Volume: 11. Estimated Annual Revenue:

12. Type of Route (Check One) and Provide #: City Rural CDS/HCR Other

13. Requested weekly recurring Pickup Schedule [(Check appropriate day(s)]: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

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