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PS 6003

CAPS Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Agreements (8/2012)

Download and Print the PS 6003

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A. Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS)
CAPS is an electronic postage payment system that gives business mailers a centralized, convenient, and cost-effective way to fund items such as Permit Imprint, Express Mail Corporate Accounts, Address Element Correction, and more.

The system provides an electronic alternative to presenting checks and cash for postage and fees at multiple Post Offices.

For more information about CAPS, see Section E on page 2 and the CAPS website at

B. Purpose of This Form

Use this form to apply for a CAPS debit account. This form is an authorization agreement for

Automated Clearing House payments to a designated bank account. Submit this form along with PS Forms 6001 and 6002.

When you have completed the forms, print and mail the originals to: CAPS SERVICE CTR, U.S. POSTAL SERVICE, 2700 CAMPUS DR, SAN MATEO CA 94497-9433.

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