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PS 8026

Expedited Shipment Agreement for Plant-Load Mailings (6/2002)

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Mailing Agent

Mail Owner

Title of Mailing or Publication (If applicable)

Plant Location

Origin Post Office

Effective Dates (Mo., Day, Year)

Start Date -  End Date

Date of Agreement - (Mo., Day, Year)

Subject to Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) D020, the above named mailing agent, acting on its own behalf or as agent for the mail owner named above, and the United States Postal Service hereby agree as follows:

1. Subject to the procedures and conditions set forth below, the Postal Service will verify mail, titled as named above, at the plant named above, and will accept the expedited plant-load shipment mail that the mailer deposits at the postal facilities listed on the reverse of this agreement.

2. Postage will be calculated from and paid for at the post office performing the verification of the mail at the Mailer's plant before the mail leaves the plant.

3. The mailer agrees that postage will not be refunded for any failure by the Postal Service to provide service that is caused in whole or in part by any event that occurs before the mail is deposited in and accepted at a postal facility, except in accordance with DMM refund standards. The mailer acknowledges that it has no claim or right to a refund created by this agreement.

4. The mailer agrees that all vehicles into which expedited plant-load shipment mail is loaded for transportation to a postal facility for mailing will be loaded under the observation of Postal Service personnel in accordance with DMM D020 and M074.

5. The mailer must submit Form 8017, Expedited Plant-Load Shipment Clearance, for each destination. The postal employee who verifies and accepts the shipment at the mailer's facility must sign and round stamp Form 8017. The postal employee who receives the shipment at the destination postal facility must also sign Form 8017 when the mail is deposited for mailing.

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