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PS 8042

Bound Printed Matter Documentation Form (3/2009)

Download and Print the PS 8042

Request may not be processed if the form is incomplete or illegible.

This form, PS Form 8042, Bound Printed Matter Documentation, should be submitted with all single-piece nonidentical weight Bound Printed Matter flat-size and parcel mailings of less than 300 pieces bearing a permit imprint as the postage payment method when all mailpieces are claimed on the same postage statement.

Each mailpiece must be numbered (1 through 299) and requested information about the mailpiece recorded on the corresponding line item (lines 1 through 299) on this form.

Flats and parcels may not be presented on the same documentation or postage statement. PS Form 3605-R, Postage Statement - Package Services, MUST be presented with this form and the mailing.

Processing Category -- Flats or Parcels (circle one) Permit Number

Total Number of Mailpieces Total Number of Pounds

Total Postage Total Number of Containers

Permit Holder Name Date (MM/DD/YYYY)

Pieces in Mailing

1 to 299 pieces

And much more...