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PS 8125-C

Plant-Verified Drop Shipment (PVDS) - Consolidated Verification and Clearance (7/2007)

Download and Print the PS 8125-C

Request may not be processed if the form is incomplete or illegible.

1. Requested In-home Delivery Date (3-day window)

2. Drop Ship Appointment Number

MAILER: This form is for use by an individual mailer only, for multiple PVDS mailings cleared at origin on the same day for entry at a single destination on the same vehicle.

3. Mailer Name

4. FAST Scheduler ID

5. Mailer Contact Name

6. Mailer Contact Telephone (Include
area code)

7. Origin Plant Location (City, state, and ZIP+4®)

8. Contact and Telephone at Company Making Drop Ship Appointment
(If other than mailer and if known when completing this form)

9. Destination Entry Discounts Claimed (Check all that apply)

And much more...