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Petition To Obtain Approval Of A Fee For Representing A Claimant Before The Social Security Administration

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An attorney or other representative who wants to charge or collect a fee for services rendered in connection with a claim before the Security Administration (SSA) is required by law to first obtain SSA's approval of the fee.

The only exceptions are if the fee is for services rendered:

  • When a nonprofit organization or government agency pays the fee and any expenses out of funds which a government entity provided or administered and the claimant incurs no liability, directly or indirectly, for the cost of such services and expenses;
  • In an official capacity such as that of legal guardian, committee, or similar court-appointed office and the court has approved the fee in question; or
  • In representing the claimant before a court of law.

A representative who has rendered services in a claim before both SSA and a court of law may seek a fee from either or both, but generally neither tribunal has the authority to set a fee for services rendered before the other.

To charge and collect a fee for services, the representative must use one of two mutually exclusive fee approval processes:

  • The fee agreement process; or
  • The fee petition process.

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