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Plan For Achieving Self-Support

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A plan for achieving self--support, or PASS for short, is a plan for your future. Many people with disabilities want to work, and you're probably one of them. But maybe you need to go back to school before you can get a job. Or, maybe you'd like to start your own business, but you don't have the money. Whatever your work goal may be, a PASS can help you reach it.

In order to minimize recontacts or processing delays, please complete all questions and provide   thorough explanations where requested. If you need additional space to answer any questions, use the Remarks section or a separate sheet of paper. Name SSN PART I YOUR WORK GOAL A .

What is your work goal? ( Show the job you expect to have at the end of the plan. Be as specific as   possible. If you cannot be specific, provide as much information as possible on the type of work you   plan to do.

If you do not yet have a specific goal and will be working with a vocational professional to find a suitable job match, show "VR Evaluation" and be sure to complete Part II, question F on page 4. ) If
your plan involves paying for job coaching, show the number of hours of job coaching you will receive when you begin working. per week month (check one) . Show the number of hours of job coaching you
expect to receive after the plan is completed. per week month (check one) . B. Describe the duties and tasks you expect to perform in this job. Be as specific as possible. C. How did you decide on this   work goal and what makes this type of work attractive to you?

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